Welcome to Abbott's Candy Shop located in beautiful downtown Hagerstown, Indiana. Hagerstown (population 2000) is in east central Indiana. The big pink and white building that houses Abbott's Candy is a favorite stop for families who come watch the candy being made.

The first stop on the tour is our kitchen. Visitors can enjoy the aroma as they watch the batches of our famous butter caramels being poured on the water-cooled table.

Oven-roasted pecans are stirred into a batch of caramel just before pouring onto the water-cooled table. Lucious pecan caramel is poured from the copper kettle onto the water-cooled table.

When the caramel has cooled, each forty pound batch is cut and wrapped by hand. There are approximately 900 pieces per batch to be individually wrapped. Special waxed papers in different colors or patterns distinguish the different flavors of caramels and chews. In addition to our famous caramels, Abbott's has a tradition of making fine quality chocolates. The many flavors of cream centers. the almond butter toffee and peanut brittle are cooked in the kitchen before transfer to the chocolate room.

After leaving the kitchen, the tour moves into the "chocolate room" where the various centers are coated with chocolate. Cream centers are formed by hand or by using dies and a hand press. Caramels that are to be covered in chocolate are specially cut to size and our various nut and caramel clusters are made in the kitchen using a large depositor to drop hot caramel onto beds of nutmeats.

The centers are placed on the enrober belt to be coated by the melted chocolate. Freshly enrobed cream centers are ready to be "strung" - which means having a decorative flourish added to the top of each piece.

Abbott's uses fine domestic milk and semi-sweet dark chocolate and the best quality nutmeats and maraschino cherries in addition to our other ingredients to create these delightful confections.

Many of the candies made at Abbott's are hand dipped, especially the various nut clusters.

The final stop on the tour is to watch the chocolates being packed in our elegant gift boxes. Each box is hand packed by a "packer" who inspects each piece as she places it in the box.

One of the packing tables loaded with the large variety of flavors that go into our boxed chocolates.

Treat yourself, your family and friends to Abbott's Candy and you will find out why these confections have been a favorite for three generations of candy lovers. A gift of Abbott's Candy is never the wrong color, never the wrong size and it wouldn't matter if you already had one! Come see us often, if not in person, then visit us here on our World Wide Web site.