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Since the 1890's the Abbott family has been creating the finest quality
chocolates and soft buttery caramels.


Caramels & Chews

Old Fashioned Butter Caramels:
Individually hand-wrapped pieces packed in boxes of approximately half plain caramels and half with oven-roasted pecans, or all plain or all with pecans. Available in 12 oz., 2, 3, or 5# boxes .When ordering please specify all plain, pecan or assorted.

Flavored Chews:
These are flavored, chewy pieces with similar size and texture to our butter caramels. They come in 4 flavors: caramel apple, black licorice, raspberry cashew, and chocolate. You may order one flavor or a sampler of all flavors (except licorice).



Special Assortment:
The best of all possible worlds. Assorted chocolates plus our ever-popular plain and pecan caramels.

Assorted Chocolates:
An assortment of soft creams, nut clusters and other chewy or crunchy confections enrobed in creamy milk or sweet dark chocolate.

Assorted Creams:
Each chocolate is filled with a rich, creamy center in a variety of flavors and covered with milk or dark chocolate.

Almond Butter Toffee:
This has become one of our most popular pieces. Toffee or buttercrunch is made of butter, sugar and sliced almonds within a thick coating of creamy milk chocolate.

Our version of this popular confection is made of our buttery, rich caramel, premium pecan pieces and milk chocolate.

Nut Clusters:
Nut clusters are made from the finest quality nutmeats enrobed in pure milk chocolate.

Cream Puffs, Butterscotch & Brittle

Cream Puffs:
These individually wrapped confections feature our delicious caramel surrounding a fluffy vanilla cream center.

Our original confection, this is a rectangular flat candy individually wrapped. This is very chewy so we recommend breaking off a small piece and letting it melt in your mouth.

Peanut Brittle:
A traditional favorite with the same classic flavor and a lighter, more crunchy texture than a hard, solid brittle.

Sugar Free Candies




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